Sunday, February 9, 2014

What are Elaborate Doodles?

Elaborate Doodles Are...

...unique, human-made mixed-media paintings by Dana Frostick

...usually made with sharpie and acrylic paint on canvas

...abstract representations of universal patterns and stories

...whatever you see in them

...time consuming and nearly maddening to create

...visually stimulating additions to your home or work place

...a good investment in the creative community and local business

Elaborate Doodles Are NOT...

...designed on a computer and printed

...offered for reproduction in print form other than publications as approved by the artist (they are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art)

...Zen Tangles! Frostick never heard of this process until 2011, years after she started making Elaborate Doodles

...expensive. Elaborate Doodles are ready to hang and some have simple frames, but you will find the purchase of a new frame will probably cost more than the piece itself (at least for now!)

"Perpetual Transit," 2014, sharpie and acrylic on canvas, 42x54 inches

View work for sale on the Square Market Place. 
Please contact the artist for purchase.

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