Tuesday, July 29, 2014

on my todo list right now...

The Summer has found me getting busier every day -- ideas are flowing and I'm making and showing a lot of art right now.

I have an artist reception planned for this Friday, August 1, at 9WG Studios. The pieces being exhibited at 9WG studios from July 1 through August 29, 2014, were previously shown as a group at artspace, Zero E. 4th St., Richmond, VA 23224. That show was titled "Altered Perceptions," and was on view from March 23-April 22, 2012. This group of paintings have not been seen together since that time. See the facebook invite for more details:

I'm working on 2 new 60x54 inch pieces, started on June 24th. I've gotten them both to the point where the sharpie patterns and details are emerging along with several layers of acrylic color washes. I was also able to finish naming the 5 remaining of 10, 14x11 pieces mentioned previously and included them on my new instagram account (#finishedwork, #newwork, #elaboratedoodle, #sharpieandacrylic)  along with the two pieces in progress (#workinprogress, #20140624A, #20140624b).

20140624B details emerging, work in progress
In mid-July, I was elected for a second term as President of artspace gallery, Richmond, VA. I'm trying to get re-acquainted with the gallery's operations and hoping to use technology more to streamline our processes. My ultimate goal it to help artspace become more efficient and effective in meeting its mission and objectives as a non profit gallery for the visual and performing arts.

This year, I had been getting more involved with the gallery again after a multi-year hiatus as an on-leave artist member of artspace. I had gone on-leave to re-charge but became an active member again in January. Being able to step away from the day-to-day operations for a while I think gave me insight into the office of President and the gallery itself.

Even before I became President again, I was starting to get more involved. I have been planning a new fundraising project called artroulette. I'm hoping it will be a successful event for the gallery and make lots of money! The project involves randomly assigning 100 preselected artists to 25 teams of 4. These teams then have one month to make collaborative artwork(s) that the gallery will raffle off in November after a one month display in the Plant Zero Hallway Galleries. Visit the webpage:

artroulette has been a lot of fun planning and organizing. I really enjoyed filming a video promotional piece with participant, Gwenyth Gaba. We had various artist participants dress up as famous artists from the past and put them together in random combinations. It was a lot of fun making it and it's fun to watch as well!

The artwork of artroulette will go on view October 24, 2014 and will stay up in the PZ galleries until November 28, when the raffle drawing will take place. There will be 25 winners of collaborative artwork!

Also on October 24, I have another show opening in artspace that I have been planning for about a year. "Exquisite Abnormalities" features my work alongside Dee Glazer in the Main Gallery, Jessica L. Sims showing in the Frablel Gallery, Roman Zelgatas in smallspace, and my own collaborative endeavors will be in the Helena Davis Galleries in "Artist Conspiracies."
Collaborations with Sarah Frostick (left), Roman Zelgatas (center) and solo work (SOLD) on the right.

Next year promises to be just about as busy as this one. I already have a group show planned for April/May featuring at least 12 artists whose work features the use of doodling. "The Doodlists" aims to elevate the doodle to a higher status in the world of fine art. There is a good chance we will be doing an Indiegogo campaign to support this exhibition. If so, we will be offering a lot of cool perks, so keep your eyes open for it!

Still in the planning stages, I am working on a multi-media installation with friend and artist, Tara Morand. The installation will be based on a painting I did a few years ago while focusing on the concept of pareidolia. We hope to have a presentation ready to submit to a few different galleries by this coming Fall. 

Alien Gathering, 2011

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