Friday, December 12, 2014

42 plus or minus 10 years

so, it's been ten years that i've been counting backwards on birthdays. at 32 (again), i'm convinced my plan is working! i'm lucky to be a happy and healthy person and hope it continues that way for some time. 
i realize that the past month or so has been too busy. so many projects coming to a head at the same time. where it's affected me the most is in not feeling like i have the time to ride my bike. this sucks in so many ways! and i've been unable to get to work in my studio for several weeks now, too.
but tonight, i decided to be nice to myself and ride in to work. so glad i did! i need to try to be less of a control freak and seek assistance where i can. i think this would help me free up time and get my  schedule back to where i want it.
so to wrap up what i've been up to recently since the end of exquisite abnormalities on november 23, we finished up artroulette with the raffle drawing on november 28 - lots of fun with Harry Kollatz being nutty - then the opening reception for the members' biennial, artroulette take down, and contacting and distributing work to the winners, patching the hallways, planning gov. board and members meetings for artspace, setting up holiday party, finalizing annual fund raising letter for artspace and getting it in the mail. 
the indiegogo campaign for the doodlists did really great, just under $1500 for the exhibition. i've been working on getting the perks printed and now that they have arrived, i need to pack them up and distribute them. i already did a day-long demonstration of elaborate doodles at liberty high in bealton, va. thanks to buddy terrell for recommending me to gary colson. he was great to work with and i found out that he knows the paget brothers, ben and charlie!
i still have to finish up a proposal i've been working on with tara morand, update and print the members handbook for artspace and create a FAQ for our gallery sitters. then, maybe i will have time to create some more pieces for the doodlists show opening april 24, 2015! 
it seems like too much stuff to handle, but somehow i know that work will expand or contract to fill the time i have to do it in. i think i'm afraid to be bored for too long. but it's been so long since that has occurred, i can't even remember what it feels like.

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